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Focus Medical Clinic About Us

Our ethos and expertise

You can learn a lot about who we are by finding out why we’re here…

Focus Medical Clinic exists because Dr Anderson identified a significant need. "I have a successful career in the NHS, but began this clinic so I could examine troublesome and poorly understood problems like recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in greater detail". Using specialised testing facilities, we can look for the cause and tailor a treatment plan to help you.

This isn't a niche service though. We're here for everything else too. Whatever your medical requirement, we will give you the undivided attention you deserve. We will really listen to what you’re telling us. And we will always provide recommendations or treatments that are appropriate for you.

"Giving people their quality of life back is incredibly rewarding. That's why we're here"
- Dr Anderson


You can book a GP Consultation (and any of our other services) without a referral from your own doctor.
There are various reasons why people use a private GP:  You may be looking for:

  • a second opinion or different perspective.
  • a longer consultation; we offer consultations from 15 minutes up to 1 hour.
  • more detailed testing than is normally available, such as more detailed cultures or molecular testing for recurrent infections.
  • services such as breast examinations and Pap smear tests that you may not be able to access on the NHS.
  • treatment if you're not eligible for NHS services



We will happily work with your NHS GP to reach a diagnosis and devise the right treatment plan for you.  By coming to see us you are not 'opting out' of the NHS;  a private GP service sits happily alongside services provided by the NHS.

We can make recommendations and talk to your NHS GP.  We can provide private prescriptions and/or private referrals, and will advise you appropriately.

If, however, you wish to consult us independently, that's also fine.


Focus Medical Clinic has the facility and the clinical network to provide a number of services. Just click for more information: